Royalty Foot & Body Soak

Royalty Foot & Body Soak

Treat your body like the Royalty it deserves. Our Foot and Body Soak is exactly what you need to relax your tired travelers and muscles. We created a special blend of Fresh Dried Roses, Himalayan Salt and Dead Sea Salt to help eliminate toxins, balance pH and soften your skin.
  • Ingredients

    Himalayan Pink Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Fresh Dried Roses, Fresh Rose Essential Oil, Fractioned Coconut Oil

  • Directions

    Pour soak mix in sachet then place in lukewarm water bath. Relax and soak for 10 -15 minutes. Rinse, towel dry and massage with moisturizer.



    For Foot Soak: Use 1 tablespoon full

    For Bath Soak: Use 1/4 cup full or desired amount. Shower after every use.